This webshop is for the purchase of accessories and spare parts for your Gobius tank monitor or a complete product if you dont have Gobius dealer in your country.

Full-range Gobius products, however, are also sold via our dedicated Distributors and Dealers 

At www.Gobius.se/en and www.gobiuspro.com you will find comprehensive information about the complete range of Gobius products.


Questions about Gobius or tank monitors in general? Post them here!

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Gobius Pro, 1 sensor

Measuring from the outside the tank, Bluetooth and App for your phone included

Audible alarm, buzzer, 12V, incl red lamp

For Gobius 1 & 4, Waste- as for Water / Fuel tank versions

Sensor tape kit

For attaching the Gobius sensors

Gobius 4 for grey, black & waste tanks

Tank monitor system for grey, black and waste tanks, version 5.0

Gobius 1, 3/4 tank alarm, v5.0

For grey, black and waste tanks, version 5.0

Gobius upgrade to latest version 5.0

Step up to the new version of Gobius 4, Septic / Water / Fuel, Version 5.0